People i have worked with have said that i am Fun,
enthusiastic, professional and good to work with!
(amongst other positives!).

                                                 Bethany’s CV and Experience

Cuffs- 15th June 2015 – Brighton. BBC police drama series,
due to air September 2015.

Well known alcohol brand commercial – 8th June 2015 – Wallington, Surrey.
Part of football crowd.

Wolf Alice – 19th May 2015 -Music video for the rock group – Finsbury Park.
Playing role of a neighbour.

Eddie The Eagle – 13th April 2015 – Supporting Artist in Airport scenes for Feature Film.
The story of Great Britain’s first ski jumper to enter the Winter Olympics.
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton, Christopher Walken.

Music video – 5th & 6th February 2015 – Guitar Hero Live
Dancing in summer festival scene. “Rocking out”.

Wings for Life – 7th January 2015 – Running. Battersea Park, London.
Red Bull’s charity, Wings For Life, for their World Run event on May 2015, a charity run that 33 different countries take part in.
The tagline is ‘Run with the World Behind You!’ a funny, high impact video for internet publication.

Music video – 19th & 20th December 2014 – Guitar Hero Live – Dancing ,in summer festival scene.
“Rocking out” to Pearl Jam, Sound Garden and GreenDay at LH2 Studios, London.

Fat Boy Slim Music Footage – 19th March 2014 – Dancing in club scene, filmed in Brighton, East Sussex.
The purpose of this shoot is to record visuals for Fatboy Slim’s live shows. The footage will be featured during his touring show, debuting at Coachella April 2014.
They may be used in music videos at a later date.

B33f! the movie 2014
Extra. Random Raver
Hopefully, screening in cinemas this summer.
Filmed in Hackney, London. 1st February 2014
Produced and directed by Kenneth King

Film- Love Ridden 12/10/2013
Locally set, produced and directed short.
Role (With Dialogue) – Eva. AlterEgo of Emma
The Mordekai Palms Collective
Matt Crockford – Producer and Director. +44 (0) 7538 975 033

I am trained, experienced and have instructed in many different dancing styles: Pole, Exotic, Salsa, Burlesque, Cheerleading, Disco, Egyptian and Freestyle.
I have worked in several clubs as a professional dancer. Also, Head Dancer, mentor and advisor to colleagues.
I am also qualified and experienced in teaching Aquarobics, aerobics, martial arts based fitness.
I have a talent for expression and interpretation of music i hear and feel.
I also do good Rave, Irish, Folk, Ballet and Robotic dancing!

Semi professional petite female model. Working with most different modelling styles, (with a large selection of outfits to suit requirements!).
I work with levels upto and including implied / artistic.
I have worked with several different photographers, in various modelling styles, in studio and location.

Alto/Mezzo Soprano. Lead. Most genres~ Rock, Country, Oldies, Motown, alternative and opera. Vocal coaching / singing lessons with Elliott May, Basement Jaxx. and Carol Rowlands, professional opera singer.
Influences include: Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Nightwish, The Jam, Linkin Park, Roxette, Limp Biskit, Etc.