Red Top

Category: –                    Fashion.  Advertising.  Alternative

Description:-                  Home.  East Sussex.

Date: –                          20th January 2014

Stylist:-                       Pash

Photographer: –              Pash


Outfits:                                    Red Sheer top


I was really nervous about working with Pash.  He is a very well reputed stylist who has worked for some of the biggest names within fashion, celebrity styling and advertising – Vogue, Toni & Guy, GHD, Zandra Rhodes….his credentials go on and on! So, admittedly, I was relieved to have a little extra prep time when Pash was a slightly delayed on his 7 hour drive to my house from Milton Keynes (but with such a long journey, that’s to be expected!). However, my apprehension soon disappeared – We instantly hit it off…..and spent a lot of time chatting! I got a lot out of being styled and photographed by with this extremely creative and interesting young man. A really good, fun and different shoot!


Stylecreative said… OMG! Love Bethany, she is a fabulous up & coming model, who listened to direction well, and really is willing to learn everything & anything to get to be a model that is worth any photographers time. She is very hospitable, warm, very friendly and will make your shoot very enjoyable throughout the day. Bethany has a very open mind, you can suggest many things and she is happy to consider it. Anyone looking to give her the opportunity should do. I will definitely be styling this really wonderful person again, and again. Thank you hunny for an amazing time and letting me in xx

BethanyAlternative, Fashion / Advertising / CatalogueMarch 14, 2014Red Sheer top, Stripy tights, StyleCreative.